Products and Services & Recruiting Process

ETS Professional Services will offer the following core services.

Permanent placements:
When an applicant is successful and employed, as a permanent staff within the organization.

Temporary placements:

Temporary staffing services supply client companies with workers on a short term basis, either to fulfil in for absent employees or to supplement existing staff during particular busy times.

Senior personal head hunting services:
The process of looking for a specific individual who has built a reputation for his skills in a specific industry to fill a position would be head hunting.

Our objective is always to find the best qualified candidates. Our Team of recruiting specialist handle all the aspects of your sourcing. We interview, pre-screen and evaluate each candidate. You will not be overwhelmed with CV’s we present only pre-qualified candidates.

Our familiarity with various types of organizations, knowledge of the field and our relationships with professional organizations make us well qualified to assist you.

Benefits of working with ETS

ETS Professional Services aims to differentiate itself from similar businesses in the market by providing:

  • Quick turnaround time
  • High quality customer service
  • High quality of professional service
  • Reduce time taken to recruit
  • Convert fix cost into variable & transactional cost
  • Develops & enhance the employer brand by following the best practise
  • Allow you to concentrate on your core responsibilities
  • Ensures a consistent professional responses to all applicants enquiry
  • Process efficiencies ensure a lower cost process delivery
  • Reduce time taken to recruit
  • ETS will aim to maintain personal customer relationships and a high quality of customer service in its business dealings. The use of social media and mobile computing will enable ETS to maintain a consistent level of customer service.